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It Djents TV: Altostratus – Eclipse [Official Guitar Playthrough]

Progressive metal quartet Altostratus is bringing even more instrumental goodness to what is currently a thriving genre. The UK based band came onto the scene in 2015 with the release of their first EP, Altitude, impressing many with their heavy riff-based compositions and headbanging grooves. Their music shows shades of Cloudkicker, Pomegranate Tiger and even a touch of Widek, relishing in the tone and thalls of what makes this type of music so pertinent and palatable. Moreover, they manage to bring a sense of uniqueness to their sound with varied soundscapes and infectious rhythms.

Today, Altostratus give us a bit more with the premiere of a full guitar playthrough for their song “Eclipse” via It Djents TV:

Strong sequential notation opens the instrumental track, before leading into a set of driven chords. Memorable melodies and thoughtful reprieves show the diversity and creativity of guitarists Alex Hek and Jordan Harris. The quality of the video itself is also worth mentioning, with highly competent editing and pleasant, not overbearing cinematography. This is a great display of what the EP Altitude and Altostratus as a band have to offer.

You can check out more of Altostratus music and support them through their Bandcamp, listen to their music on YouTube, as well as keep up to date on band news by following them on their Facebook.

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