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ArkOvLies – “The Dusk” [Exclusive Guitar Playthrough]

ArkOvLies is a progressive metal project from Athens, Greece led by George Cherouvim. While this might appear to be one of many ‘bedroom producer’ one-man projects, their Facebook page has posts mentioning gigs as far back as 2012, so one would surmise ArkOvLies is actually a band. This playthrough video of “The Dusk” puts ArkOvLies into the more cerebral, thinking djent category. Note the preponderance of arpeggios over chugging and the decidedly spacey approach to the vocals.

One can readily appreciate the technical versatility at work here. Cherouvim employs a fingerpicking style for the arpeggios, while keeping things real with a plectrum when it comes to the chugging and the chords.

“The Dusk” appears on ArkOvLies’s Grayday EP, which has some variance between different tracks; the title track is a piano-dominated instrumental, for example. Nonetheless, “The Dusk” represents the band’s material as a whole, marked by a tendency towards short songs and ambiance.

Thus far, this is all we know about ArkOvLies, but given that they have played live gigs, we should hope to see more from them that will showcase their potential for variety in compositional expression.

FFO: TesseracT, Skyharbor

ArkOvLies have a social media presence on Facebook, YouTube, and Bandcamp.

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