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IT DJENTS TV: As A Conceit – “Hindered”

As A Conceit is a five-piece technical metalcore band from Venice, Italy. They offer some beautiful guitar pyrotechnics in this playthrough video for the song “Hindered.”

Watch the playthrough below:

Here we see As A Conceit’s two guitarists playing the song in the same calm, unassuming manner that is standard for videos such as these. Their use of guitars with (only) six strings seems unusual for a band featured on It Djents, but their technical chops are obvious and the lack of massive downtuning lets us hear nearly every note in “Hindered.” As A Conceit show clear influence from Architects in this song, not just in tone but also with their use of melody in the breakdown rather than crunch. They put the same amount of thought and effort into the lead and the rhythm guitar work. The song’s crowning moment of awesome comes just after the 1m50s mark, with the two of them playing a dual lead line that communicates emotional desperation with painful clarity.

As A Conceit

As A Conceit

This would be the second song off of As A Conceit’s first full-length album, Frown Upon Us, released last December on Famined Records. Do note that the band has been at it since 2012, so even though Frown Upon Us is a debut, As A Conceit have ample polish, as this video so readily shows.

As A Conceit - "Frown Upon Us" (Cover)

As A Conceit – “Frown Upon Us” (Cover)

If there are more bands like As A Conceit in Italy, then we implore the country to send us more stuff like this! If not, then just let these guys continue to shine like they do here.

Follow As A Conceit on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Frown Upon Us streams on Spotify and the band’s merch’ is available here. The album con be purchased from the usual digital outlets. As A Conceit’s older material can be found on Bandcamp.

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