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It Djents TV: Counterfeit Culture – “Second Soul” [Official Band Playthrough]

Counterfeit Culture are a four-piece metalcore band from New Brunswick, New Jersey. We only see three of them in this video, it being an instrumental playthrough. The raw sound and the slightly different mix from the way “Second Soul” sounds on their 2017 debut Deathwish EP indicated they recorded it this way especially for the video.

The band recently had some exposure on the Summer Slaughter tour, which put them alongside The Black Dahlia Murder, Dying Fetus, Oceano, Rings Of Saturn, and The Faceless (that is, when the latter band decided to show up). This might have made Counterfeit Culture sort of the odd band out on that tour, because we hear some nice, fuzzy, melodic metalcore in the style of Architects here. “Second Soul” (which is the second song on the EP) has a discernible chord progression that can almost be predicted as the song progresses. Someone in Counterfeit Culture evidently knows his music theory.

One can easily tell the use of a drop- or open tuning from the way guitarist Patrick Robertson and bassist Elijah Pagan sweep their hands up and down the neck. Watching them do so while sitting in the same stool in front of the same window has some incongruous humour to it. The members of Counterfeit Culture seem almost too casual while playing thesong, the kind of casual mode that undoubtedly comes from having played the song dozens of times already. Robertson was so laid back while playing the ‘lead’ scenes that he tilted his guitar askew from the camera.

But the real star of this “Second Soul” playthrough is drummer Chris Smith. Kudos go to the filmmakers for putting a camera down by his feet so we could have a look at his double-bass work. And while getting enough natural light to give them good camera exposure made for a great reason to put his back to the window, it deprived us of one of the joys of full-band playthrough videos; an over-the-shoulder or from-behind-the-kit view of Smith would have given this video a lot more pizazz.

All told, this visit to the ‘metalcore living room’ shows a lot to like about Counterfeit Culture: confidence, skill, a lack of pretense, and their writing skills most of all.

Counterfeit Culture

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