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ItDjentsTV: Diamond Construct – “Paradox”

Diamond Construct is a five-piece band from Taree, NSW in Australia. They combine metalcore and djent with some nu metal overtones. As our previous coverage of this band has shown, Diamond Construct are demonstrably not a gritty band. Behold the slickness of their newest single, “Paradox.”

With The Slickness

As always, we have to praise a band who goes through the effort to make a real video. Even if it only shows the band playing their instruments, the production values make themselves readily apparent from the get go. Let it never be said that Diamond Construct do not care about quality. The same should be said for their music as well. Diamond Construct have a keen handle on dynamics, transitions, melody, and mood. “Paradox” uses production elements and timbres to make something that has the potential to stand out in an already crowded sub-genre.

What’s Old Is “Nu” Again

They structured “Paradox” around three elements: a start-stop, stuttering groove; an ‘almost ‘core’ fast passage; and the obligatory dreamy melodious part. Add in the odd “voice sounds so distant” passage and, the result is a collection of musical elements that sounds at once both familiar and fresh. As would almost always be the case, this is the result of good writing: that rare quality that can slap together almost every cliché from identifiable genre music and make it sound fresh and exciting.

People with an ear for groove will appreciate what Diamond Construct have to offer. The nu metal aspects might be off-putting for some, but others might like what it adds to something that would have otherwise sounded formulaic.

Follow Diamond Construct on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. They also stream their music on Bandcamp.

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