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It Djents TV: Archaeologist – “Sunbreaker” (feat. Sithu Aye)

It’s time for another It Djents TV premiere and it’s a special one, y’all. Today we showcase a beautiful song by Archaeologist, the solo instrumental prog metal project of Kyle Schaefer. We are in the final days before the release of his Odysseys EP on August 8 and, to stoke the fires of hype, we present to you the third song from that EP, “Sunbreaker”.

Immediately, the mood of this track is striking. The fluttering guitars in the intro breeze past you like the wind during a relaxing drive down a coastal highway. I get the idea that Schaefer might find inspiration in his native California because this track sound delightfully bright and fun like The Golden State itself. The riffing is varied, flying through scales and providing lots of highs and lows ensuring the track doesn’t stagnate or get boring. The drums, courtesy of Ciro Abraham (Montra), provide exclamations of occasional blasts of speed and fills to transition from segment to segment, which gives the song a slight cinematic feel. The bass by Lorenzo Madrid (also of Montra) gives a nice, bouncy low end to snuggle into the upbeat elements of the track.  Then Sithu Aye leaves his unique print on the track with a shreddy solo in the middle and melodic outro riffing. His signature style and tone complements the feel of this track so well; I couldn’t think of a better guest addition to this track. Great call on the part of Archaeologist.

And just like that, the track is over! Luckily, you won’t have to wait long to hear more; the Odysseys EP drops next Tuesday, August 8 on various sites including Bandcamp. You can follow Archaeologist on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and SoundCloud as well!

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