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It Djents TV: Dreamwaves – “Animate”

If you’re looking for a great summer track to welcome the warmer weather with, look no further than to Dreamwaves and their song “Animate” – the subject of our latest exclusive video premiere via It Djents TV. Dreamwaves is a four-piece instrumental technical-metal band from the Southern coast of England. They’re definitely on the more melodic and feel-good side of the genre, as made evident by the accompanying video:

It emulates an old-school video game feel with pixel art and a tropical environment for Dreamwaves, who have been faithfully recreated in pixel form, to adventure in. The band runs through armies of robots and avoids obstacles in their search for four golden shirts. It’s cute, fun and colorful, just like the music! Adding onto the video game aesthetic, the song itself starts with the main riff and melody played in chiptune. It builds up to a peak when the guitars, bass, and drums finally come in. The main riff is tweaked here and there between solos, including a nice moment focusing on the meaty bassline midway through. The musicianship at play here is more in service to writing a good, fun song rather than simply to show off the technical chops of the band. This is a very evocative, sunny track that wouldn’t feel out of place on an Intervals album, or one of Sithu Aye‘s lighter projects (like his Senpai EP). I give it five bottles of sunscreen out of five!

If you enjoyed the track and video as much as I did, you can follow Dreamwaves on Facebook and Instagram for more! Stay tuned to It Djents if you want to see more new premieres like this in the future!

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