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It Djents TV: Earth Trip Get All “Ethereal” On Us With New Lyric Video

I’m sure all of us have heard a song before and wondered ‘wow, I sure am curious what they are singing about!‘ Well, that’s why lyric videos exist, and we got a special one for you today, because we’re premiering the lyric video for Earth Trip‘s new song “Ethereal”! Let’s take a peek:

The French deathcore outfit brings the fire and fury on this track with thick riffing, stumbling drum beats and savage harsh vocals to contrast the clean ones provided by guest vocalist Philippe Charny Dewandre from Kadinja. This vocal balance is quite fitting for the lyrics, which deal with anger and frustration as well as hope and change. The breakdown is just vicious, with its nice bass flourishes and unrelenting, pummeling drums while the guitars chug and grind away.

The imagery of the video is spot on for “Ethereal”, having spacial, symmetrical qualities with some shapes mimicking sacred geometry. What you see is also consistent with the cover art of the upcoming EP from which the song is taken from, Aether. A nice offering from a promising new band!

Interested in more? Follow Earth Trip online at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Preorder the Aether EP along with other merch on their Big Cartel page!

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