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IT DJENTS TV: Lies Of Nazca – “The Boundless Unknown”

We are proud to premiere the new single of Italy’s finest Lies Of Nazca. Hailing from the city of Vicenza, the band put out their début full-length called Aleph in 2014, shaping a sound that reminds a lot of The Discovery-era Born Of Osiris due to its mysteric sounding synthesizer. Of course the name also implies a similar mood, as well as a supernatural vibe. Unfortunately, Lies Of Nazca had to deal with some member changes, but as they themselves say, they are back and more ambitious than ever.

Their new single “The Boundless Unknown” takes up directly where the band stopped after Aleph: groovy, heavy, proggy and in a very Born Of Osiris-y mood, quite similar to Substructure. The song also has a similar atmosphere as Fallujah‘s newest output Dreamless, and a sound that is able to compete with the big names within their scene. This might be based on the solid mixing/mastering job by Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, The Contortionist).


“The Boundless Unknown” does promise a lot for Lies Of Nazca‘s future. They are currently writing new music which will surely end up in a follow-up to Aleph. Make sure to take a listen if you are into Born Of Osiris or Substructure. You won’t regret it!

Follow Lies Of Nazca on Facebook! Also, visit the band’s Bandcamp to listen to Aleph!

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