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It Djents TV: Mantra – Marcasite [Official Guitar Playthrough]

ItDjents is proud to premier Mantra‘s new guitar plathrough for “Marcasite”. Mantra have returned for their 3rd music video from their magnificent 2016 release Laniakea. This is really a masterclass in how guitar playthroughs should be done: epic location, prime editing and monstrous songs. This time around, Simon on guitar is showcasing a playthrough of the 1st full track on the album, impressively moving from motion to motion. “Marcasite” builds up from rhythmic drums, with choppy bass and light, soothing guitars driving the song until the pace switches up and the guitars become thundering, complimenting the Tool-esque bass. The video itself is set on the underside of a bridge, reminding me of the Half Life 2 level where you navigate your way across one not too dissimilar. Employing the use of drones to get fantastic panoramic shots of the woodland below, this video speaks volumes about the attention to detail Mantra put into their work. This song is a brilliant start to the rest of a spectacular album, so it’s certainly recommended that you check out this promising French band!

You can pick up Laniakea and Mantra‘s previous release on their Bandcamp, follow them on Facebook or check out their other videos on their website.



  1. Zangdar

    24 January, 2017 at 10:51 pm

    Awesome band!

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  3. Gabriel Junod

    27 January, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    It’s all hand made, there is no drone…

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