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IT DJENTS TV: Odd Palace – “Tools”

After releasing an EP called Insomnia in 2015, Denmark’s Odd Palace is back giving us some new tunes! While being still young at age, they’ve already been touring Europe such as some Danish festivals. When in 2016 they signed to Prime Collective the plans for their debut album was made. A certain date still stands out, but it’s probably going to be official soon!


Odd Palace are giving us a very short while song, that doesn’t even cross the three minute bark. But no worries, it’s not a rush! Starting pretty catchy a remarkable parallel to Protest The Hero draws its line. Whether it’s the singer’s voice and timbre, or the melodic, mathcore influenced guitar work… Fans of Protest The Hero will probably love this tune! It is catchy, groovy but also melodic, while it doesn’t need any breakdowns, but mathy sections to deliver heaviness. “Tools” also delivers a part of Destrage’s craziness, while being more of a prog rock track than it is core or metal.

On the visual side the video shows an abstract side of the band, where they are playing as black and white silhouettes, while the background is showing some kaleidoscope-ish patterns. Their bandname kinda fits, as this looks a bit scurrilous and odd, but overall totally matches the music and sound that Odd Palace are playing.


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