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ItDjentsTV: The Sleeper – “Inertia Spiral” [Official Music Video]

The Sleeper is a djenty progressive metal act out of Leipzig, Germany, who have been active since 2010. The band have just put the finishing touches on their upcoming EP, Apparatus, which will be available in November. Mixed and mastered by the formidable John Browne (MonumentsFlux Conduct, ex-Fellsilent), his powerful engineering skills highlight the intensity of the group’s music. The five piece are debuting a cinematic black-and-white music video for their new hard-hitting yet melodic single off of Apparatus, “Inertia Spiral”, on It Djents TV:

The song opens with a knotted Mark Holcomb-meets-Erra riff that explodes into a thrashy metalcore verse. Ethereal clean vocals underpin a more anthemic section of the song, but the five minute track evolves over time. Particularly notable is the aggressive, crushing intensity that occurs at about 3:00 into the song. With spacey tremolo guitars and clean vocals incorporated into this dynamic song, “Inertia Spiral” will surely satisfy fans of groups like ErraMonuments, and After The Burial. With excellent production, gripping grooves and some interesting songwriting, Apparatus will be a release to watch out for.

Follow The Sleeper on Facebook, and check out their previously released music on Bandcamp.

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