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ItDjentsTV: TanZen – “What Are the Rules?” [Exclusive Premiere]

As the summer truly kicks in with the month of May coming to its slumbering end, we have got some music that can truly awaken all the djentlemen from their sleep! We are talking about the underground gem in TanZen. The Chicago-based act have been around since 2013, honing their skills before releasing their début EP Hex last September. Now they are back with their sophomore effort in Shizoku. The three-piece act fires on all cylinders, as they drop some heavy chugs with their first single “What Are The Rules?” which is streaming below.

“What Are The Rules?”

The song wastes no time getting down to the low end of the sound spectrum right of the bat, with a rhythmic beat of the palm-muted riffs. But it’s when the crisp, powerful vocals of Teddy TanZen hit a few seconds later that TanZen truly take off. From there on, the focus clearly lies on the track’s structure, as it maintains a steady groove throughout, with the vocals floating just above the well crafted riffs.  The music instantly reminds one of acts like Monuments and Tesseract, without ever becoming just another clone version of the former. Its quite evident that TanZen are aiming to create their own niche sonic identity, and “What Are The Rules” is a step in the right direction.

Tanzen will be releasing Shizoku on June 3rd, for updates you can follow the band on Facebook or Instagram. To listen to their previous record Hex, head over to their Bandcamp or YouTube page.

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