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It Djents TV: Earth Trip – “Higher Meaning”

It’s time for another exclusive premiere from It Djents! Today we have the pleasure of bringing you “Higher Meaning” by progressive deathcore outfit Earth Trip! This single is from the band’s debut EP titled Aether, out October 15th! This song is chock full of djenty grooves, pummeling bass, and a fantastic atmosphere that will be very familiar to fans of this style of deathcore. Without further ado, check out the song, right here!

With moments that sound like Novelists, and others that will be reminiscent of Thy Art Is Murder, this band has a lot of sounds going into their formula. When you check out the band on Facebook (and you should) you can read that the band said lists “everything” as their influences. This just shows that the band doesn’t have tunnel vision when it comes to what Earth Trip sprinkles into their mix.  The drumming is both complementary and aggressive; the bass is punchy and rounds out the rhythm of the track to give the song a real groove. Add some slick guitar riffs and atmosphere, and you get the perfect foundation for the pummeling vocals. I for one can’t wait to hear the rest of this EP!

Earth Trip is:
Vocals : Omer Leray
Guitar : Luka Garotin
Bass : Hugo Rouliat
Drums : Victor Ducreux

Order “Aether” and merchandising at the band’s merchandise storeBe sure to follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!



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