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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Siamese – “Tunnelvision”

Siamese has played more than 250 concerts in Europe, while constantly growing their fanbase. The Danish band is about to release their next full length, Shameless, which is going more in a poppy hard rock direction. Influences like Issues, Bring Me The HorizonJustin Timberlake or even The Weeknd are easy to identify, as Siamese deliver a sound that has potential to be a chart-topping take on modern rock music.


Combining funky elements and catchy vocals amidst bouncy rhythms, Siamese‘s new single sounds similar to the latest work of Issues. The song’s grooves and soaring choruses fit within the confines of a three minute run time. Its brevity calls for multiple listens and certainly makes the track even more suited to radio play. The song’s sound is certainly fitting to that medium as there is no single scream or growl needed to make this song an awesome one. Fans of Ghost Iris will for sure love the composition and vocal work by this fellow Danish group.

The song comes with a fancy video, incorporating impressive visual effects into a video of the band’s performance. Magnus Kristoffersen did an excellent job on filming and editing, while the colors of the video perfectly suite the mood of the music.

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