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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Aegeus – “Washed Out Existence” (feat. Jeff Pogan of Suicidal Tendencies)

It’s time to stop what you’re doing, set your work aside and check out today’s exclusive premiere, “Washed Out Existence” (off of the album Manipura) from melodic groove metal act, Aegeus (featuring a guitar solo by Jeff Pogan of Suicidal Tendencies). By now, you might have had a chance to check these guys out in support of bands like Born of Osiris, Volumes, and Bermuda, and are likely ready for more.

With an overall groove similar to Vildhjarta, “Washed Out Existence” is a fully loaded song. Guest appearance from a member of thrash/hardcore punk giants Suicidal Tendencies aside, I’d be damned if there wasn’t an offering for fans of all types of metal in this one track alone. Over top of the djent heavy rhythm section lies furious lead guitars that present moments of Psyopus-worthy tapping or Protest the Hero-style sweep arpeggios. If that doesn’t already sound interesting enough, throw in some thrashy metalcore sections that are reminiscent of Darkest Hour during their Undoing Ruin or Deliver Us days, or, a chorus comprised of clean vocals and a melodic and djenty guitar pairing that would find a home on a Volumes or Tesseract playlist. But, I digress. Check the song out below and go ahead and put Aegeus on your radar!

Aegeus is:

Chris Bracknell- Vocals
Anthony Gerald “Steus” – Guitar
Bobby Johnston – Guitar
Bill Pogan – Bass / Vocals
Brandon Skeens – Drums

Download “Washed Out Existence” (feat. Jeff Pogan of Suicidal Tendencies) now! Follow Aegeus on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to keep up with news and new tracks!

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