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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: ÆRIS – “VISIONS” (feat. Pierre Danel of Kadinja)

Have you already heard of ÆRIS? Well, not the character from Final Fantasy XII, also not the Veil Of Maya song, but the band from France! Hailing from Paris and Nancy the band is delivering pretty djenty tunes. Imagine a mix of Monuments and Periphery and if this sounds like something that you could like, you will like ÆRIS as well! The song features a guest solo by Pierre Daniel of fellow French prog metalcore band Kadinja. Overall the song “Visisons” stands out with some orchestration at the end, that is creating a very emotional vibe. Also the  production by Clement Belio is very decent and fits contemporary standards!

The video itself comes with a fancy performance video, showing the musicians in a black screen with color shapes that are definitely underlining the songs mood and ambiance. Speaking of ambiance. You might really enjoy this mixture of ambient prog metal and cleans that also bring up some Erra vibes. Don’t sleep on this one!

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