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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Akshara – “Ethereal Damnation”

Are you ready for some heavy new music? We are excited to premiere the new track by Swiss prog metal outfit Akshara! Fans of SikTh and Monuments beware, you will like this one!

About the song:

“Ethereal Damnation” starts with a very black metal-sounding chord section and then builds up to a first break. The vocals might remind you of SikTh at some points, while the heavy, chugging breaks definitely underline this obvious influence in a tech metal way. Akshara stray away from a djenty tone, which makes their music more vivid and organic. A lot of melodic work adds an aspect of subtlety to the grooves. Akshara deliver almost five minutes of modern and progressive-sounding music somewhere in between Monuments and SikTh, while not sounding too generic. There’s a lot of metal in the sound of “Ethereal Damnation”, which is this song’s selling point for sure!

Have a listen to “Ethereal Damnation” below:

“Ethereal Damnation” is off Akshara‘s upcoming EP Absolution. Good news: you don’t have to wait that long for it; Absolution will be out this Friday, June 15th! Make sure to visit the band’s Bandcamp to get your copy. Also the band is still up and coming, so give them your like over at Facebook!

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