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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Antares Effect – “The One”

Sometimes all you need is a solid groove and effective songwriting. Metalcore group The Antares Effect deliver exactly that combination with their new single “The One”, which they accompany with a wintry music video. It Djents is pleased to offer an exclusive premiere of the track, which you can view right here:

“The One”

The track’s atmospheric opening and TesseracT-esque clean guitars are quickly contrasted by flanged guitars and a straightforward but dynamic groove that sustains the song’s verses. Tasteful guitar melodies later offset thrashy riffage and dissonant breakdowns for a mix of approaches that still manage to make for a cohesive sound. The song is closed off by a hooky tapped guitar lead that acts as an effective and energetic climax. The influences of acts like August Burns Red and Erra are audible in the band’s streamlined metalcore approach. Fans of those acts’ ability to refine technical structures into solid arrangements may just enjoy what The Antares Effect has to offer here. “The One” is the first single off of an upcoming sophomore release from The Antares Effect.

The Antares Effect are still a fledgling group, so I encourage you to follow them on social media and watch them grow; they clearly demonstrate some potential. You can check out The Antares Effect on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Soundcloud.

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