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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Apoptosis – “Shaping The Creation” (feat. Vasko Atanasovski)

You better dim those lights, because we got some mood music for you today! Okay, it may not exactly be Barry White, but it is the beautifully lush progressive metal act Apoptosis, hailing from Slovenia. We have the exclusive premiere of their new track “Shaping the Creation” off of their upcoming debut album, which is due out soon! Strap yourself in and take a listen:

This ten-minute monster really does the most it can with its runtime. It has a grand cinematic feel with a burgeoning introduction, layered with lovely bass tones and evocative saxophone provided by guest musician Vasko Atanasovski. The track has almost seductive noir qualities to it here, before it bursts out into djenty guitar melodies and weighty percussion. The instrumentation at play here is undeniably heavy, acting as a good foil to the light atmosphere established in the beginning. Although the sax takes a break while Apoptosis shred and pummel away at the song’s midsection, it returns at the apex of the song with multilayered sections. It’s here that I am reminded of TesseracT‘s “Calabi-Yau”, one of my favorite examples of stellar saxophone in progressive music, but “Shaping the Creation” carries its own energy. The end of the track calms again, like a furious wave smashing on a beach, then receding back into the endless ocean. This is one of those songs with which you can put your headphones on, lay back, close your eyes, and let it paint pictures in your mind. It’s a vivid behemoth worth every second of your time!

I am really curious what else the band have up their collective sleeves. This is simply one of the most interesting progressive instrumental tracks I’ve heard this year, and if you’re a fan of the genre, I’m sure you’ll agree! Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long to get more of a taste from their debut album.

We want to give a special thanks to Apoptosis for allowing us the pleasure of premiering the first track from their debut album. Please follow the band on Facebook and be sure to share the track if you enjoyed it!

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