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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Aviations – “Dizziness Explained”

It’s time for another exclusive premiere with our pals in Aviations! About a month ago, we had the privilege of premiering James Knoerl’s drum playthrough of “Facewaves” from their upcoming album The Light Years coming out on January 19. Now we are prepared to show off the Boston progressive metal band’s listening video for their track “Dizziness Explained”. Take a look and listen!

This is quite an extravagant piece of prog! It’s a lush, full-bodied sound that strikes a balance between heaviness and a delicate, organic feel, which is something you don’t hear done well too often nowadays. In the nearly seven-minute track, we have flashy guitar solos, gentle breaks where singer Adam Benjamin can shine, and djenty drives that propels the song forward with head-nodding catchiness. There’s a lot to take in here, but it’s a cohesive, natural effort that puts the ‘prog’ in ‘progressive’.

The Light Years looks to be a real treat of a sophomore album. The band describes it as being a ‘learning experience 5 years in the making’. Guitarist Sam Harchik bares his personal thoughts on the record:

‘Through years of changing musical tastes, personal growth, and even a few member changes, I spent the lighter years of my life in college with this record constantly in the back of my mind. All the while I wondered what the future had in store for this band. The entire process of making this album, while incredibly time consuming for me, now seems to have come and gone in an instant. Even though we’ve completed this chapter, I’ll always remember the journey that brought us here.’

Seeing as Knoerl and Harchik built this from a passion project in 2011 to a full-fledged touring outfit with vocalist Benjamin and keyboardist Richard Blumenthal (who you might know simply as Blumen!), and a new album very close on the horizon in early 2018, I can totally understand the emotions he has. It’s an artistic catharsis that’s sure to show itself in the quality of the final output.

Special thanks to Aviations for entrusting us with another great premiere! Please check out their new album, The Light Years, dropping on January 19 and available for preorder digitally and physically now on Bandcamp. You can follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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