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It Djents TV: Beyond The Setting Sun – “Desolation, Collective, Scapegoat” [Exclusive Premiere]

The year 2017 seems to be flying past us in a whiff. But it has definitely delivered a whole lot of good music to our ears! The latest addition to that is Beyond The Setting Sun. They are a six-piece progressive/technical metal act hailing from Leipzig, Germany. Having come together way back in 2010, the band released its début EP Parted Skies in 2011, following it up with a full-length – called The Villain – in 2014. June 16, 2017 will see the band release their sophomore full-length The Archimedean Point.

Today, we bring you the first single from the upcoming album in “Desolation, Collective, Scapegoat”, streaming below.

“Desolation, Collective, Scapegoat”

The single offers some heavy chunky riffs right off the start, of the variety that we here at It Djents have come to love. While Beyond The Setting Sun stick to the deathcore/technical metal line throughout this track, it’s extremely well-crafted. The slower segment just past the mid-point of the track offers a breather before bringing out the heavy artillery once more. The gargantuan guttural vocals are perfectly delivered at every note, and compliment the loaded triple-guitar attack. Fans of bands like Whitechapel or Thy Art is Murder will definitely enjoy giving this one a spin!

You can check out Beyond The Setting Sun on Facebook or Instagram. Pre-orders for The Archimedean Point are now open on the bands Bandcamp (Digital) and Bigcartel (Physical) stores.

Beyond The Setting Sun

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