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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Cheer-Accident – “The Mind-Body Experience”

As ever, more Cheer-Accident equals more cool music.

There’s a chance that the discography of this edgy Chicago-based rock band is more extensive than you might realize. After all, this is a band that began in 1981. But this brand new track, “The Mind-Body Experience”, shows that they have lost absolutely none of their creativity and energy. It’s lucky then for It Djents that we have the exclusive premiere.

Following the previous release of “Last But Not Lost”, “The Mind-Body Experience” is a second ample taster for their forthcoming album Fades. The track is an intense and intriguing jazz/indie mashup, where the ominous keyboards and dramatic brass and strings perfectly complement the punky guitar and bass sounds. It is a truly magic song which deserves several replays.

And fans will be pleased to know that the full album Fades is almost upon us, with a release date of May 25. Watch this space for a full It Djents album review around that time.

You can pre-order “Fades” from the SKiN GRAFT Records Bandcamp page and you can hear a great deal more of Cheer-Accident on their Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For merch and all the latest news, check out their website and Official Facebook page.

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