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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Cold Night For Alligators – “Inconsistent”

We at It Djents do have some favourite bands. Some of them we get to know personally, some not yet and some… are actually part of our family, working with us quite often. One of those bands is Cold Night For Alligators: The Danish prog metal outfit already released some music via our channel. We are pleased to officially premiere their newest output, “Inconsistent”.

Said song is part of the band’s latest record Course Of Events, which was released early 2016. The video features material of last year’s Euroblast (what a show!), UK Tech Metal Fest, DISTORTION fest and some background scenes!


…once again shows the very jazzy side of Cold Night For Alligators, as well as their groove. The band is able to conjure up wizardry in odd-time signatures that still keep their instrumentalists totally unimpressed. Also, this song keeps their emotionality, set in a very catchy harmonic context. Especially the vocalist gives a very convincing, heartfelt and passionate vibe to this otherwise more relaxed song. As written about “Inconsistent” in our review for Course Of Events:

Inconsistent” starts funky with a Plini-like vibe based on jazzy clean guitars. There are clean vocals over it that fit pretty well. (For that matter it would also be nice in a Plini song, but that’s another point). An interesting thing about this song is the slow transition into the heavy side, while still being very melodic, but also complex with proggy breaks. The song builds up to an epic conclusion that is reached in the middle of its length and then transforms into a groovy djent song, which sounds massively deep due to extended range guitars. At the end the small intro section reappears as a reprise and creates kind of rondo form that varies at the end.

You can read the full review here. What are you even waiting for? Make sure to take a listen to “Inconsistent” and follow Cold Night For Alligators on Facebook!

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