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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Con Artist – “Ruby” (Official Lyric Video)

Once in a blue moon, a band comes along to shatter all preconceptions of darkness and heaviness. Bands whose musical exploits seem to shake the very ground you’re standing on. Con Artist from Greece are one such group. Their dark and punishingly rhythmic djent/deathcore calls to mind the likes of Humanity’s Last Breath or vildhjarta. We are very happy to bring you the official lyric video for their new track “Ruby” today, which comes off of their upcoming début album.


…sees Con Artist lay their cards on the table right from the beginning. Meaty djent riffs are played atop a pounding, vigorous drum beat, accompanied by the familiarly snarling tone of the bass. The band cleverly set differentlypaced sections against each other to create a constant flow of tension and release; especially the brutal half-time parts and blast beat sections work out very nicely thanks to the generally extremely dark tone of the music. Some hardcore influences can be observed throughout “Ruby” as well, although they most likely stem more from the deathcore side of the genre pool than anything else. Vocalist Anastasios Lazidis’ delivery is sufficiently savage as well, which more than makes up for the admittedly run-of-the-mill lyricism. If you like your djent obscenely heavy, oppressive, and slightly experimental, this song and band should do it for you!

Take a listen below!

Be sure to leave Con Artist a like on their Facebook page and check out their Instagram if you like what you hear! You can still pre-order their upcoming self-titled début album (due out on June 27); click here for physical and here for digital.

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