EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Construct – “Devil Inside”

We’ve got another exclusive premiere for you all, this time from the UK’s Construct, a progressive metal band with a nice djent touch. They released their debut album The Deity earlier this year, which we reviewed, and now we have the video for their song “Devil Inside” from that album for your viewing pleasure!

The vocalist’s name is Callum Howle, which is quite fitting seeing as he truly howls out those vocals. His brother Richard Howle along with Mike Foxall work double duty on guitars, laying it on thick and djenty for a groovy effect while providing tight melodies. Sam Hardy’s bass provides harmony with the guitars and a low-end that’s nice and pleasing. Drums from Sam Hunt are playfully erratic, but never miss a beat providing the drive for a lot of progressive elements within the song. This is especially noticeable during the breakdown when the five-piece put their hearts into their performance (literally in the case of Callum, who falls victim to a Satanic rite… is he gonna be okay?). Great performances all around, and a solid piece of imagery to go with the track!

Special thanks to the guys in Construct for allowing us to premiere this video of theirs! Take a minute to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Listen to The Deity out now and available on Bandcamp, and be sure to check their official website as well!



  1. Richard Howle

    1 January, 2018 at 7:32 pm

    Thank you so much for the upload guys, and thank you to David Rodriguez for the most excellent review!

    • David Rodriguez

      1 January, 2018 at 9:11 pm

      Of course! 🙂

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