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Today, we are proud to premiere the new song and lyric video by DFB (short for Dylan Furr Band). Furr, who started in 2011 as a solo artist, already released two full-lengths on his own. On his third record, entitled Juxtaposition, he first began to add his very own vocals to the instrumental background. When Elijah Arnold came into the band as a vocalist, they re-recorded said album and Furr formed a proper band around the work he has begun as a solo artist. With a full band backing him, he then decided to change name into DFB, who are in turn just about to release a new record this year!


…stands out with catchy vocal lines sung by Elijah Arnold. Fans of bands like Periphery will love the vocal work on this track, but music lovers in general might as well. The song is well-structured and filled with catchy rhythms that aren’t resulting in an overly complex overall product; its midsection even delivers a certain The Safety Fire feel, bringing up a nice vibe and diversity. With its accompanying fancy universe/pyramid-esque video, the song might also remind one of Born Of Osiris, but more in a visual way. Anyway, there’s some heavy grooves alongside easy-listening refrains to be found on “Epiphany” for sure!

The new DFB Ep Perspective is scheduled for July 7th of 2017 via Famined Records, so it’s only three months ahead! Make sure to follow them on Facebook!

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