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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Distorted Harmony – “We Are Free”

Ever since their formation in 2010, Distorted Harmony have been at the forefront of the Israeli (progressive) metal scene. Spearheaded by mastermind Yoav Efron, who acts as the band’s composer and keyboardist, they have released two impressive full-length records so far, Utopia (2012) and Chain Reaction (2014). Their third outing A Way Out is scheduled to drop on July 19, and we are very proud to premiere “We Are Free”, the first single off of it, for you today! It comes with a neat lyrics video, which you can peep below:

“We Are Free”…

…is definitely more djent-oriented than what the band have let on to in the past; the meaty guitars, polyrhythmic drumming, and futuristic keys all hint towards Distorted Harmony taking influence from that particular genre in creating this song. Especially the guitar work by Yoel Genin and Amit Plaschkes is completely in line with what you would expect to hear on early records by bands such as Periphery or Veil of Maya. Vocalist Michael Rose’s passionate performance elevates the tune to another level, while drummer Yogev Gabay and bassist Iggy Cohen (affectionately referred to as ‘Jalapeno’ in the band’s biography on Facebook) aptly hold down the groove for the other instruments to play off of.

As for the lyrical content, here’s what Distorted Harmony themselves have to say about their new single:

“We Are Free” is about a safe place from one self. A place where we can all rest and be free from the endless fights, bickering and turmoils we experience throughout our daily life. Whatever it may be, we all deserve and need that special place where we can be free.

And there you have it! If this song doesn’t make you pumped for the band’s upcoming record A Way Out, I don’t know what will! You can pre-order it here, and make sure to follow Distorted Harmony on Facebook to keep up with future news, tour announcements, et cetera.

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