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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Divine Realm – “Hanging Valleys”

We at It Djents always strive to bring the best of the new music in the community to our readers. So we are pleased to present an exclusive premiere of “Hanging Valleys” from the upcoming Divine Realm record! Based out of Ottawa, Canada, Divine Realm is a 4 piece instrumental progressive metal band that explores a multitude of emotions through their music.


.. is the lead single of the bands upcoming EP, Nordicity. Unlike their previous album Tectum Argenti, which was more fun and upbeat, “Hanging Valleys” sounds a bit more somber, with just a touch of darkness. While galloping off to a quick start driven by some immaculate riffs, the track takes the a slightly slower direction midway, allowing the drum section and the ending melody to take the spotlight. There is a lot of ground covered in the five and half minute span of the track, with a few interesting turns that are bound to keep the listeners engaged.

Inspiration of other major Canadian prog acts such as Intervals and Devin Townsend Project shines on the track while showcasing the band’s musical sensibility and technical flare. Divine Realm founder and lead guitarist Leo Diensthuber had the following to say regarding the upcoming EP Nordicity:

“I feel like out of all our releases, this one reflects us as players more than any other. This is the first release our longtime drummer Josh Ingram has actually played on, and I think people will be blown away by what he brings to each song. I think some of our strongest melodic sensibilities shine through on Nordicity, Marc’s instinct for melody/phrasing makes for some of the most memorable guitar parts that have ever made it on to a Divine Realm record.”

Nordicity is set to release on 2nd March, and is available for pre-order on Bandcamp, iTunes or Apple Music. One can also keep a tab on the band’s Facebook page for further updates.

Divine Realm - Nordicity Cover


Divine RealmNordicity Tracklisting:

1. As the Crow Flies

2. Autumn

3. Whitewater

4. Revival

5. Hanging Valleys

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