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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Face The Maybe – “Escape”

It’s May 10th, time to face the May bee. Errr, well, at least to Face The Maybe. Barcelona prog outfit (you might have heard of them on this page before) are releasing a new and fancy video for their song “Escape”. Said video is a playthrough showing the band’s singer and guitarist smashing through the song which was first released on the group’s 2016 album The Wanderer.


The song itself is catchy, very lively produced, and has an organic, vivid sound. The vocals on “Escape” definitely take the lead on the track, interacting with an exciting instrumental background. Face The Maybe present a mixture of heavy riffing, easy listening vocal work and, overall, exciting song structures. Make sure to listen to their latest record The Wanderer (on Bandcamp) in full and follow them on Facebook!

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