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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Fall Of Minerva – “Novocaine”

Our Italian friends once again proved that they are not only eating pasta and pizza but also delivering awesome tunes! We are proud to present you Fall Of Minerva‘s new video for their song “Novocaine”. Said song comes in with dissonant and progressive hardcore attitude, while being more in the chaotic mathcore genre. Delivering almost old-Architects vibes or a Norma Jean-ish feeling this song definitely is going nuts.

As singer Sido Dal Pozzolo states on the song:

Novocaine is one of the first songs of Portraits I wrote the lyrics for. I have a special feeling for this one, ‘cause it really comes from a bad period of my past and singing about it so many times kind of cured me. This song could seem to be speaking about love. I say it is more speaking about feeling like you’re in a trap because of loving someone. It’s about giving up on the fact that after hurting so much it comes the void, you just won’t be able to feel in the same way you did before; you’ll be numbed, whether good or not it can be.

As you can see, this song has a struggle within that we all somehow have to deal with. Maybe this is why it is easy to identify not only with the musical performance of “Novocaine”. The video was shot in a cave (how cool is this?) and was directed by Simone Dalla Costa. Shooting the video inside this cave was even cool enough for the police showing up at the set!

Make sure to follow Fall Of Minerva on Facebook and if you are seeing them cleaning the park of your hometown, it’s probably because they shot another video in a cave!
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