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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Flux Conduct – “Yetzer Hara”

You are waiting for new Monuments? Well, we have something that might get you satisfied as well! We are proud to premiere the new album by John Browne’s Flux Conduct! The album entitled Yetzer Hara is based on the bible. Here is what Browne has to say about it:

‘Yetzer Hara’ is ‘Hebrew’ meaning ‘The Evil Inclination’.
Multiple times in the Hebrew bible it states ‘Yetzer lev-ha-adam ra’ which means ‘the imagination of the heart of man is evil’. It’s believed that man is born equally between perfection (God – Yetzer Tov) and deficiency (Evil – Yetzer Hara). He isn’t drawn to either but is able to achieve which path he chooses through his own free will. For this album, I wanted to focus on the dark side of the potential path.

The several songs protrait the seven biblic sins, while two orchestral interludes stand in between. Browne choose Renny Carroll for vocal duties (best known for his work in Forever Never). His vocals deliver a unique and ambient mood to the music itself. Creating for sure very Monuments-like hooks, while also fans of TesseracT will surely love this record! But no worries, fans of instrumental music. There will be an instrumental version as well… but listen to the vocalised one, as it sounds pretty good! As Browne states:

Renny and myself have gone to some of the darkest places we’ve experienced to write the lyrics for this album. Focusing on our personal perception, we aimed to portray the meaning of each sin to the fullest and fairest

Also John Browne took some guests on his newest output, that is none less than guitar buddie Olly Steele, beside Mike Dawes and the insane Ola Englund.

This is the record’s artwork handdrawn by Emily Yeadon and digitalized by Christian Soden.

flux conduct

The tracklist is the following:

In Pursuit Of Happiness – Portraying Envy
Melancholia – Portraying Sloth
Biohate – Portraying Wrath
The Deluge – Interlude (portraying the great flood)
Concupiscence – Portraying Lust
Harlequinade – Portraying Gluttony
Weltschmerz – Interlude (portraying a person who believes reality can never satisfy the demands of the mind)
Fruit of the Poisonous Tree – Portraying Pride
Memento Mori – Portraying Greed

You know, you will like this when being into Monuments.

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