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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Grant The Sun – “No Thanks, Yes”

It Djents has the honor of premiering a brand new playthrough video from the recently birthed Norwegian instrumental metal trio, Grant the Sun. Consisting of Insense members Håvard Sveberg, and Martin Rygge (also of Beaten to Death), the band’s third member is guitar wizard Markus Lillehaug Johnsen. Their debut self-titled EP was released last August. This video for the EP’s final track “no thanks, yes” gives us a unique visual of the band working their magic in the Swedish Dugout Productions studio.

Almost immediately, one can hear the Devin Townsend influence, which is then followed by some fierce discordant riffage reminiscent of Extol. A consistent low end chug throughout the song also hearkens back to the golden days of Meshuggah. The resulting product is a mesmerizing piece of metal, all the more hypnotic for its instrumental nature, with thunderous drumming and precision-perfect guitar work.

In regards to the production of this song, the band have producer and long-time friend Danne Bergstrand to thank. ‘This is the last song we wrote for this session,’ explains Håvard Sveberg. ‘It’s recorded live at the amazing Dugout studios with the even more amazing Danne Bergstrand. He has had a huge part in how Grant The Sun ended up recording and sounding. This is how we love to work, and the formula is pretty much written in stone. It’s raw, with flaws, but alive.’

Fans of the video are advised to jump straight into the entire self titled EP, which was recorded in just three days. It is a lively, fast-paced showcase of Grant The Sun‘s technical ability and flair for songwriting, drawing voluminous influence from the best parts of modern metal music. These guys are definitely one to watch out for.

Grant the Sun‘s debut EP can be heard in its entirety on the band’s Bandcamp and Spotify pages. For their latest goings on, check out their Official Facebook page.

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