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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Heptaedium – “The Great Herald Of Misery” Full Album Stream

Following the steady recognition gained since the first release in 2012, French one-man-army project Heptaedium returns for a fourth full-length and altogether more metal sounding album. So without further ado, It Djents is proud to present the exclusive premiere of The Great Herald of Misery in its entirety.

For those who don’t already know, Heptaedium is the high energy djent/electronic/breakcore brainchild of French solo musician and producer Florent Lambert. The Great Herald of Misery is his second Heptaedium release since signing with Apathia Records and the release of How Long Shall I Suffer Here ? last year. Amidst other notable changes in Heptaedium‘s musical style, this album is also the first to include vocals, courtesy of Florent Lambert’s best friend, Mickael Ratinaud. Ratinaud’s voice is very reminiscent of Mr. Jens Kidman of Meshuggah, and is a welcomed addition to Heptaedium‘s vibrant musical arsenal. This newfound balance is immediately apparent in second track “Watch Me Break the Neck of the Hypocrites”, where those hallmark The Algorithm-esque electronics rest nicely over the newly acquired low-end riffs, drums and vocals.

This beastly dive into the heavier ethos of engineering continues in the family friendly “Spill Torrents of Carcass on The Ground and Piss on Them” before the tempo slows nicely for the extremely groovy “Till the Seventh Snake Eat Their Empty Shell”. And fear not fans of the old school Heptaedium, as the electronics do make a triumphant reemergence at this point! But the low technically acute guitars reign supreme in “I’m a Symmetric Mass of Hate”, before we progress to the marginally more emotive “Trapped in a Gravitational Abyss”. And from this, we bid a stomach churning farewell in the monstrously satisfying “I’m the Great Herald of Misery”.

The Great Herald of Misery is a consistently brutal and invigorating piece of work, influenced by best electronically-produced metal of our age and delivered with no less proficiency. Once again Heptaedium, stands proud alongside its peers, and its directional change is a nicely timed refresher.

Heptaedium are also in the process of taking their music to the stage with a live band, which will surely mark another evolutionary pointer in the band’s career, one that should be exciting for the fans and also a well-deserved accolade for the artist.

You can hear more of Heptaedium, at the band’s Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. For latest news, visit Heptaedium‘s official Facebook page. And for more information on other artists of the same label, check out the Apathia Records Website.

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