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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Jonny Turner – “Journey” EP

Hey, guess what? It’s time for a new exclusive premiere from your pals at It Djents! We’re premiering new music from progressive metal musician Jonny Turner today, and we don’t just have one song for you, we have a whole EP! We’re pleased to present Journey, Turner’s debut EP streaming in full right here:

This is some nice, ethereal prog metal. It’s got that TesseracT vibe with a little Earthside and Intervals thrown in. Across four tracks, you’ll hear some djenty staccato guitar work, heartfelt vocal performances, and playful, time signature-defying drums that like to harmonize with the guitars (something I’m a fan of).

Twinkling keyboards light up the mix to give songs a little whimsy and high-tones to contrast the rest of the instrumentation. There’s a lot of beautiful melodies on display here, and it gives the overall sound some nice color, much like the cover art. My favorite song is “Rise”; it’s powerful and evocative with two singers entangled in a duet that gives me chills – and the guitar work is also pretty top notch as well!

I’d love to give a shoutout to Jonny Turner for allowing us to premiere his debut EP. You can support him right now by purchasing Journey on Bandcamp or iTunes. Follow them on Facebook as well!

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