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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Bodhi Shows Us “The Texture of Motion” With New Guitar Playthrough

Justin Seymour’s solo instrumental prog metal project, Bodhi, very recently released its debut EP, Ineffable. Now we get to see the technique and musicianship that went into the wonderful guitar on a track from the EP, “The Texture of Sound”, with a brand new playthrough! Take a look:

This track is very tap heavy, showing Seymour fingering the frets of his beautiful Schecter seven-string guitar with great precision. There’s nice pacing and a slight building of tension as the song starts out, with melodic tapping that returns often throughout the track. The middle has some fiery riffing using a variety of techniques, including giving some notes a little vibrato with some tremolo teasing, reminding me of some heavier material from guitar legends like Joe Satriani. The climax of the track layers sound upon sound to create a dense, but still very enjoyable soundscape, with ascending scale riffing and meaty chords. Seymour looks calm and confident, indicative of an artist comfortable with his craft.

It’s always nice seeing how an artist plays their own work, isn’t it? It’s like getting a peek at a magician’s tricks, and allows answers to questions like ‘how did he do that?’ I want to thank Justin for giving us the chance to premiere this awesome playthrough video and I invite our readers to check out Ineffable, which can be streamed and purchased on a ‘name your price’ basis at Bandcamp. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram as well!

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