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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Lesser Glow – “Under The Polar Shade” Official Live Video

Boston-based doomsters Lesser Glow are less than a month away from making jaws drop with their debut album Ruined. It Djents is honored to have the exclusive premiere of a studio playthrough of the song “Under the Polar Shade”, recorded live at the New Alliance studio in Massachusetts.

“Under the Polar Shade” is a hard, emotionally charged, and brooding piece of doom that packs a real punch. It has a vibrant and hypnotic rhythm section, with some amazing lead guitar work. Also worthy of note are singer Alec Rodriguez’s outstanding vocals, which display a masterful and distinctive tone of both the clean and growling variety. The song is unique, well-paced and featuring a crushing finale to boot.

Fans of this are encouraged to sample some of the other current tasters from the Ruined EP, including title track “Ruined” and “Vacant Throne”, both of which are remarkable songs and an enthralling prelude to the upcoming full-length release. The band pride themselves on their direct, empowering, and honest approach to doom music, and this level of conviction really shines through in Lesser Glow‘s music. Can’t wait for the EP!

Ruined will be released June 8 and is available to pre-order at the Pelagic Records store. For more on Lesser Glow, visit their Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For all the latest news and tour dates on the band, visit their Facebook page.


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