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EXCLUSIVE PLAYTHROUGH PREMIERE: Leviathan Owl Take Us “To The Lighthouse”

Not gonna lie, when I saw a nearly ten-minute playthrough video in my inbox, I was a little concerned. Why so long? Was there a sweeping storyline to it? Were there bloopers attached to the end of it? Nope, the track is just that long, but it’s also quite engaging and so passionately performed that you almost wish there was more! Leviathan Owl is the band name of multi-instrumentalist Andrew Scott. Hailing from Scotland, Scott has a penchant for finding the beauty in the guitar and we’re proud to show you the exclusive premiere of his latest video offering, this time for “To the Lighthouse”!

If you’re a rap fan like I am, you’re probably familiar with what a posse track is. For the uninitiated, a posse track is a song on a rap album where multiple MCs, usually three or more, demolish a track with surgical lyricism over a top-notch beat, often playing off of and trying to one-up each other. “To The Lighthouse” is basically an instrumental posse track. With three guest guitar solos, each one uniquely flavored yet complementary, there’s a lot to digest here. Dan James Griffin, Michael Avery (MASSIVIST), and Johnuel Hasney (Toothgrinder) all contribute solos, in that order, while Matt Kniffin (Soundscape) provides a groovy assist on bass.

There’s a couple of tonal shifts, but the song mostly rests in the cradle of a lush, euphoric, post-rock-esque soundscape. It reminds me of some of the best softer instrumental moments that Steven Wilson is capable of pulling off on tracks like “Sunday Rain Sets In”. The intro is weighty with strong low-end, and the end of the track is appropriately climactic and explosive without betraying the beautiful mood established early on. Scott definitely has an ear for composition and pacing. As for the solos… ah, I can’t pick a favorite! As I stated before, all three are unique and bring something great to the table. “To the Lighthouse” is a wonderfully executed track, and the video has a fair bit of personality to keep your eyes just as engaged as your ears. I love it!

We want to give a special thanks to Andrew Scott for letting us premiere the final video for Leviathan Owl‘s EP, Love For the Other. Please support the band by liking them on Facebook, following on Instagram, subscribing on YouTube, and giving them a listen (and purchase!) on Bandcamp!

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