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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Lucid Archetype – “Null/Void”

The Lucid Archetype are no stranger to It Djents. We’ve been privileged to work with them not just once, but twice before, and they have returned to our halls to premiere a new song for which they have a snazzy lyric video for! We are proud to present the video for the Little Rock prog metal outfit’s new single, “Null/Void”!

This is a fierce track. Vocalist Brian Fulks sounds pissed as his voice curdles from the darkest depths of his throat. A rapid fire opening verse from him bleeds into stuttering progressive guitar riffing from Matt Bernal. Spacey rhythms back up Taylor Stewart’s drums which are calculated and snappy. Nick Morris’ bass carries the track with light, humming low-end. The middle of the track brings up staggering, glitchy melodies that slice through the mix. Guitars devolve into panicked screeches, as if a machine was possessed and lost all control over its normal functions.

It’s a well-paced, unsettling crawl through what I can only describe as a haunted junkyard for decommissioned robots. Closeups of the band’s logo throughout the video (done by Scott Rudd Film) reveal highly detailed metal pock-marked with rust which is a great allusion to the band’s sound: mechanical and chillingly cold, yet gritty and well-weathered. It’s a fine track that should impress fans of prog metal with a djent edge and vaguely sci-fi aesthetic.

Special thanks to The Lucid Archetype for letting us premiere yet another fine piece of their work! Please show them some love by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Find their other work on Bandcamp as well!

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