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We have got new music in store for you again today! This time, it’s Marcell Roncsák, a young guitarist from Serbia premiering his new EP TERRÆ via It Djents! The EP is comprised of the titletrack accompanied by two more tracks that are at parts re-arranged works of his older song “Crystal Minds”. Opened by an ambient intro, those collected and reworked ideas now form this release. Got time for a short piece of music? Lend your ears to the following for nine minutes:

The songwriting process for the EP didn’t took that much time. In the meantime I was also working on other songs that I am preparing to my full length albums. I am constantly working on new music and I’m currently making the final touches on two of my future full length albums. I also started singing and writing lyrics on my latest LP called ‘Treasured Secrets’ which I want to continue on some songs on future records as well.

As Roncsák states, the guitar solos on “Crystal Minds” are mainly inspired by him playing jazz, whereas other parts are heavily influenced by electronic music. In fact, there are also heavy, djenty grooves in said songs, accompanied by interesting melodies, clean ambiance and an overall exciting guitar work. Fans of bands like Intervals (at parts even Animals As Leaders, just check out the heavy break in “Terrae”) might love this; not for the happy-go-lucky moods, but more for the instrumentality as well as darker ambient components! 

I’d say it’s a pretty wide range of styles that I’ve tried to cross over, but if I had to categorize it I’d call it progressive metal.

This is the artwork, followed by the playlist of TERRÆ:

1. Ghost World
2. Crystal Minds
3. Terrae

Make sure to follow Marcell Roncsák on his YouTube channel, where he will be posting guitar playthroughs of his songs! Also, follow him on Facebook to not miss any updates! You can buy TERRÆ on Bandcamp!

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