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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Nicolas Martinez – “Lemu” [Exclusive EP Stream]

Today we got four songs in the form of an EP stream for you! Four good reasons to listen to new music, and this time, it’s instrumental prog metal from Chile. Yes, there is prog metal in Chile! As Nicolas Martinez states on his very own music, ‘Lemu is a musical journey through four different landscapes from the south of Chile, the southest country in the world.’

By mixing up his diverse influences such as metal, ambient and synthwave, he tries to create a unique and personal representation of the four places that are explained in the following:

‘Antartica” explore[s] the vastness of the ice continent with his beauty and harsh conditions. “Lemu” (which means ‘forest’ in Mapudungun) is all about the fire that consumed a great portion of our native forest in Chile due to bad government policies and lack of private regulation.”Lluvia” (rain) is an instant of 2016, when I was in Chaitén (a little place in the south of Chile), where coexist a strange mixture of vegetation, volcanic ashes and the sea, this magical place was almost destroyed by a volcano eruption a couple of years ago, the final section of this song tries to replicate that.
The last song is called “Puma”, which is a feline found in all the Andes and some parts of North America, this majestic animal is endangered but somehow manages to survive alongside humans in Chile, this song explores the movements of the Puma through the dense vegetation of the Chilean Patagonia.’

The songs stand out with a diverse and progressive songwriting, which also incorporates a lot of electronic elements. All this mashes up into a very contemporary-sounding product that might win over some new fans easily. Have some time for new music? Here you go!


1. Antartica

2. Lemu

3. Lluvia

4. Puma

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