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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Odd Palace – “Chemical Solution”

Some records already qualify as pure gems after the very first spin. One of those records is Things To Place On The Moon, the upcoming record by Danish prog outfit Odd Palace. You might remember their name, as we premiered their 2017 single “Tools” as well.

Starting out with a very Leprous-y guitar work, the song tends to fall somewhere in between rock and metal while featuring a very crazy vocal phrasing that can easily be compared to the works of Destrage or Protest The Hero. Especially the latter name shows its big influence in the song’s chorus. The overall very rhythmic and melodic outfit really convinces with a catchy guitar line in the hook. And since “Chemical Solution” is only about four minutes of playtime, it is a very easy listen.

Proggy tunes

While the band remains mostly within the calm territory, the song’s breakdown punches with a lot of power. Make sure to get your ears on Odd Palace; the band is taking avant-garde metal to another very enjoyable level. As previously mentioned, the new record is an enjoyment for fans of both King Crimson and Protest The Hero. That being said, all those prog snobs out there will have a very intriguing release coming up end of May!

The record is set for May 25th, which means that it’s not that much more time to go! While you’re waiting, make sure to listen to Odd Palace‘s new single “Chemical Solution”. By the way, did you know: Odd Palace was mixed by Chris Kreutzfeld, who’s known for playing in Cabal, but also for mixing a lot of upcoming Danish prog bands. Neat, huh?

Make sure to follow Odd Palace on Facebook, as they might just come to your town later this year!

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1 Comment

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