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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Persefone – “InLak’Ech” Live Video

Andorra seems to be a magical place, at least for finest progressive metal music. Our friends and AOTY contender of 2017 Persefone are back with a new video. We are more than grateful to premiere a live version of “InLak’Ech”.

Some of you might remember this song being a part of the InLak’Ech EP earlier this year. The video for this song was shot during the second part of the Aathma tour.

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The song features a fancy violin solo which will intrigue any fan of Australian band Ne Obliviscaris. One reason of this might be the fact that it was written and played by none less than Tim Charles, singer and violinist of NeO. The orchestral elements given by the synthesizer will astonish fans of symphonic influenced music.

“InLak’Ech” is a modern progressive metal song with a very Textures-esque catchy chorus, a lot of melodic guitar wanking and heavy grooves. It’s more than six minutes of proggy riffing that sounds clearly like Persefone. If you are familiar with the Andorran band you might know that their latest album Aathma gathered high praise and was positively acclaimed by a lot of journalistic outlets.

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Still being from a small country like Andorra, Persefone have a hard time in putting their name out there and sadly often fall under the radar. That being said, make sure to watch the video for “InLak’Ech” and share it with your friends! The video was recorded and edited by Eric Rossell, mix and master of the song was done by Logan Mader.

After listening and liking what Persefone did on this one, you should definitely catch up with them on Facebook and check their Bandcamp. Their whole discography is up on there and waiting for you to support them!

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1 Comment

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