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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Peter Wolff – “Destroy”

Following the February release of Peter Wolff’s debut solo EP Repeat, the founding member of Downfall of Gaia has now released a wonderfully abstract video for the song “Destroy”, and It Djents is privileged enough to have the exclusive premiere! Wolff’s musical resume is largely comprised of black metal, yet this electronic and primarily keyboard-based endeavor runs along the same moody highway, and also has the same level of masterful composition.

“Destroy” opens with a marvelously intense sonic drone, before breaking into apocalyptic pianos and some mildly wobbly 80’s synths that take listeners on an out-of-time journey towards a very unnerving refuge. But the rich build-up of this tune is so expertly orchestrated that each time you think it can’t get any more impassioned, it does.

Personally, I found the visuals reminiscent of one of the more bizarre moments from David Lynch‘s last season of Twin Peaks. Combine that with the daunting music and that one word title, “Destroy”, and this becomes a puzzle for you to solve at your own behest. Of this track however, Wolff has the following to say: ‘Stomping, the days elapse, trying to get out of this constantly rotating spiral of destruction and falling back and back again. You will always be on my side.’

If this tune struck a chord with you, then you are advised to check out the full Repeat EP immediately. It contains a great deal more of “Destroy”s sinister soundscapes, and even jumps over to a more quaint melodic sound (well, for a brief moment anyway). In all, it is a fantastic offshoot of an already established musician, and by no means a record to be taken lightly. Miss at your own peril!

The Repeat EP is out now via My Proud Mountain Records and available to hear in full on Peter Wolff‘s Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For more news and merch, you can visit his official website and his official Facebook page.

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