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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Prologue Of A New Generation – “Neverbloom”

Hello, readers! Today, we’re got some hard-hitting metalcore straight from Trento, Italy. Showcased here is quintet Prologue of a New Generation and the video for their new track “Neverbloom”. It’s poignant, it’s heavy, and it’s premiering right here:

The song is emotional and affecting, more so when paired with the imagery of the video. The dueling guitars provided by Cristopher Merz and Nico Tommasi lay on the djenty riffing, while Mirko Antoniazzi screams his pained heart out. Dionis Platon’s bass locks in with the pedal work of drummer Filippo Tonini to create a driving rhythm section. The combination of post-hardcore weight and lighter progressive metal breaks in the instrumentation make for a bludgeon of a track. It’s quick and calls back to genre greats like Northlane and Monuments.

Music for music’s sake is nice, but even better is music with a message. Prologue of a New Generation look to make a sharp and succinct point with this video:

‘Traumas can destroy self-esteem because of the injury they cause, or because survivors may feel like they did something wrong and deserve such victimization. Children naturally blame themselves for a parent’s neglect or mistreatment. Therefore, part of the healing is realizing that you are not responsible for their abuse. If you find yourself in danger, there are often extenuating circumstances; you may not have learned how to protect yourself emotionally or physically because you were not protected as a child. Facing our traumas can help us learn how strong we are and what we can bear. We are often surprised by our ability to tolerate difficult memories and emotions when we feel motivated by an important personal goal.

We extend a special thanks to Prologue of a New Generation for the opportunity to premiere “Neverbloom”. Please check them out on Facebook and SoundCloud!

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