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We have another exclusive premiere for you! Today we venture forth into a fever-dream on the banks of the river of death in “STYX PART I (Monody)” taken from the upcoming album Control by Swiss musician, Pyrit. Sonically, this composition begins with some mild ambiance and glitchy moments with aquatic currents bouncing back and forth just beneath the surface. The video takes the form of a mythic dream filled with images of drowning beneath black waves and trippy visions all while Charon (played by Pyrit) chooses the next soul to cross. 

This is a strong vision for the song. The colors are highly controlled in each vignette within the video, which helps to differentiate the point of view and the time or space in which the depicted events are occurring. Moments along the banks of Styx are darker with blacks and blues being the predominant colors. The alternate moments in the video are awash in red and white and represent suffering and purgatory. Along with all of these elements, the song itself has a slightly sinister undertone that is more seductive than it is malevolent, but that’s for the listener and viewer to decide. What is hard to dispute, however, is that this song and video work really well together with the rich sonic atmosphere being amplified by the stark visuals and quick cuts. Also, as the title implies, we can expect the second part to this film in the future. 

Pyrit (Thomas Kuratli) will be releasing Control on April 6th through Bookmaker Records, and it is quite the sonic journey. Filled with pulsating rhythms and electronic ambiance, this record seeks to tell a story through emotive moments within the instrumentation as well as through the lyrics. It’s not difficult to determine that Control is conceptually about transformation and evolution. While there’s a definite direction to the album as a whole, it still manages to feel a bit spontaneous and unrestrained. Be sure to give it a spin if this video has intrigued you!

You can buy Control at Bookmaker Records, and you can follow Pyrit over on Facebook!

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1 Comment

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