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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Reach The Shore – “Saddhu”

Last year, Belgian prog metalcore wizards Reach The Shore released their second album, Hikaya, and have been treating fans to music videos and making-of snippets ever since. Their latest video comes in the form of a guitar and bass playthrough for “Saddhu”. “Saddhu” is a blistering and highly energized song, for which the band released a video last month. However, this new one is catered specifically to the guitar enthusiasts among us.

The video showcases the exceptional playing skills of guitarists Damaso Jaivenois and Antonio Rendina, as well as bassist Thibaud Piron. Unlike the vast majority of playthrough videos, this one also displays a tablature line for any musician skilled enough to give this song a shot. Watch the video until the end and you also get a broken-down runthrough of some of the more subtle lead guitar parts.

“Saddhu” is a worthy taster for Hikaya, which is a mightily impressive six-track album. It contains all the hallmarks of modern metalcore/melodic/djent, with the intensity cranked up to maximum and no time or space wasted. An extra shout-out to the awesome vocals of Chris Kuhn, whose voice you don’t hear on the playthrough video but is an explosive force on the album itself.

More of Reach The Shore tablatures are available for download at this link. You can check out the rest of their music on Spotify and Bandcamp, and stay up to date with their latest happenings at their Facebook page and Official website.


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