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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Retrofuturist – “Purity Control”

Are you a fan of mathy and djenty metalcore? Then you might enjoy this:

Hailing from Saskaton, Canada, Retrofuturist is only a two-piece jamming instrumental tunes. While having influences from bands like Meshuggah, they also name Tigran Hamasyan or even Frérderic Chopin as influences on their music. As they show on “Purity Control”, they play a very diverse mixture of both mathcore-influenced metalcore and progressive metal. Having a keen solo kicking in at about 2:30, their guitarist proves to have a lot of skill, while the drums are mainly for setting the groovy foundation.

The song’s pace creates a very breif listening with catchy grooves and easy-listening riffing that provides a lot of fun. Fans of instrumental music suah as Intervals might love this, if they also enjoy Monuments style of riffing and grooves. “Purity Control” indeed marks the bands very first single, so you wouldn’t have heard of them before. This is your chance to catch them early!

The song comes with a modern-looking music video, showing both musicians in the woods. Who knows, maybe Retrofuturist will transform into a full band and even get a singer?! Their instrumentals, at least, are a very good base to experiment on. The band currently plans to release its debut record in early 2019. A great way to start a band, so let’s see where this is taking shape! You will hear more of them soon!

Make sure to check Retrofuturist‘s music and follow them on Facebook! You can also check out their social media presence on the following channels: Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram (@retrofuturistband), and Snapchat (@RetrofuturistCA).

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