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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Simon Medz – “Silent Journey”

It Djents is extremely proud to premiere a brand new video from Aeris guitarist, Simon Medz, who released his solo album, Sublimations in December last year.

In this video, Medz brandishes guitar, bass and microphone. But just to make it clear, every single component you hear on this track is also composed, written and produced by Medz, as is the case with the entire Sublimations album. In this instance, the definition of ‘solo’ material is taken to be literally, and makes this already fine display of production and musicianship all the more impressive.

Every sound on “Silent Journey” is engineered with heart and depth. The opening pianos are rich and emotive, and the rhythm is meaty as hell. The lead guitar work is tight and engaging. The vocals are a passionate marriage to the music. Simon Medz takes the best elements of existing djent and prog metal and makes it his own. You don’t create a sound of this magnitude without having an intuitive knowledge of the genre and music in general. Medz manages to put himself forth as a true purveyor of these brands of metal and is wholly worthy of greater accolades in the years to come.

If you like “Silent Journey”, then you will love Simon Medz‘s excellent full length album Sublimation, available in its entirety on Spotify, YouTube, and Bandcamp. You can also find Simon Medz on Facebook.

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