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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Altruist – “Destiny”

As you might know, some of us at It Djents are also doing their own music. A man behind the scenes, Sergio, who’s handling some of our YouTube graphics is in the project The Altruist from Montreal, Canada. It’s with great joy we premiere their new song “Destiny” on our YouTube channel!

About “Destiny”

Whilst the band handled the recording and mixing on their own, they got Julian Rodriguez, guitarist in Elitist, for the mastering. The song itself is a modern metalcore piece with some good clean vocals on it. Fans of bands like Periphery might approve, while some djenty TesseracT-ish clean guitars pair with some Born Of Osiris-sounding synthesizers. The overall sound might remind a bit of Betraying The Martyrs‘ Breathe In Life record.

“Destiny” features grooves, melodic guitar lines and a catchy hook, while not utilizing too many screams. The video also comes with very worthy production. This ends up in a very solid product that is fun to listen to and watch. The band has “Destiny” up for ‘name your price’ on Bandcamp! Keep supporting underground music you enjoy!

Make sure to follow The Altruist on Facebook and become one of their first followers! Who knows how this band will take in the future. This is your chance to catch the train!

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